C.Shreve the Professor - Summer Ransom (Album)

North Carolina rapper C.Shreve The Professor just dropped his long awaited 10th full length release on August 14th and it's really dope. The album features production from ILe Flottante, Good Shepard, Handbook, Whokairs?, Soul Monk and others as well as guest verses from Woven Hatchets, Jrusalam, Trapbo' Chad and more. I gave the project a good listen today and was feelin' mostly every track on here, from the jazzy, soulful feel of "Blast Off" and "My Hemisphere" to the harder, grittier boom-bap vibe of "The Feast". Many of the instrumentals on the album have a summery feel and C.Shreve sounds great over them, effortlessly switching between boastful battle raps and some more introspective rhymes found on tracks like "The Professor". This one will be getting a lot of play from me this year. Don't sleep. Peep the full album below.


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