Epidemic and Tantu - The Soulution (Review)

Epidemic and Tantu - The Soulution (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"The Soulution" is a collaborative album between South Florida based hip-hop duo Epidemic (consisting of emcees Hex One and Tek-nition) and Dutch hip-hop producer Tantu. The album features guest appearances from Fashawn and Johaz of Dag Savage and is fully produced by Tantu himself. It was released on August 5, 2014 via Mic Theory Records.

1) The Soulution - The first song on the album features a mellow instrumental centered around a jazzy sample and dusty drums that have me nodding my head right out of the gate. The beat is ill and both emcees sound great over it, with both Hex One and Tek-nition kicking some boastful bars and rapping about being the "solution for your soul". Dope track. - 3.75/5

2) Dreamers (featuring Fashawn) - Epidemic link up with West Coast emcee Fashawn as all three rappers spit about their journey and growth in the rap industry and about how they are trying to live out their dreams through hip-hop. The beat is banging the the rhymes are both reflective and honest. Very dope track. - 4.25/5

3) Cold World - Tantu comes through with another dope instrumental, this time with what sounds like a chopped up and distorted synth sample over gritty boom-bap drums. The beat is nice and both Hex One and Tek-nition rip it, spitting multi-syllabic rhymes about the harsh realities of life and death and how quickly life can pass you by in their trademark intricate flows. Dope. - 3.5/5

4) Get Up (Interlude) - Nice instrumental interlude.

5) Playin' With My Heart (featuring Johaz of Dag Savage) - This beat on this track is probably the most laid back instrumental on the album so far, with a murky soul sample looped up over gritty drums, but the shit is dope. Lyrically the song is just as good as the production, with Hex One, Johaz (who dropped a real dope album earlier this year as part of Dag Savage) and Tek-nition all kicking some story raps about the downsides of love and relationships. It's not my favorite track on here, but it's still pretty good. - 3/5

6) History Lesson - The final song on the project finds Epidemic kicking some rhymes about the birth of hip-hop and its influence on culture over a smooth jazz instrumental that has definitely got me nodding my head. The beat and rhymes are top notch, making this my favorite track on the entire album. This shit is fire. - 4.5/5

*Bonus Track*

7) Untitled - There is a short instrumental and a bonus track attached to the end of "History Lesson" that features Tek-nition and Hex One kick some braggadocios bars over a Godfather-ish instrumental full of mafioso strings and boom-bap drums. Dope. - 3.75/5

I'm going to rate the album

3.75 / 5

because it's another quality release from Epidemic. The beats on here are pretty dope throughout, with Tantu looping up dusty samples over boom-bap drums that should keep you nodding your head. While only a few of the instrumentals really blew me away ("Dreamers", "History Lesson"), there isn't a wack beat to be heard on here. Lyrically you know the album is going to be fire as well, with both Hex One and Tek-nition coming correct with every verse (as always). Their intricate wordplay and crazy rhyme schemes are on display on every cut and are just as dope as ever. My only real compliant about the album is that it is too short, but even the groups Bandcamp site refers to it as "a quick shot of dope - sure to hold fans over until the next full length release." And dope it is. Don't sleep.


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