Cutta Chase and Daryl Donald - The Clockwork LP (Review)

Cutta Chase and Daryl Donald - The Clockwork LP (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"The Clockwork LP" is a collaborative album from UK rapper Cutta Chase and Edinburgh hip-hop producer Daryl Donald. The project is produced entirely by Daryl Donald himself and was released on September 15, 2014 via DeFacto Entertainment.

1) Numbchuck - The first song on the album finds Cutta Chase kicking some ill bars over a dope instrumental that has me nodding my head right out of the gate. The beat almost has a Rza/Wu-Tang-ish vibe to it and the horns that come in near the 50 second mark are incredible. Very dope way to kick off the album. Too bad it's so short though. - 4/5

2) Mysticism - The beat on this track has a darker, esoteric vibe to it that I'm really feelin'. Lyrically the song is just as dope as the beat, with Cutta Chase kicking some introspective rhymes about life and such. Just like the prior track though, this shit is real short and left me wanting more. - 4/5

3) Man Made Imagination - Daryl Donald comes through with another crazy instrumental on this cut, this time with a real dreamy vibe to it. As far as the rhymes go, Cutta Chase flows nicely over the instrumental and kicks some more abstract rhymes about loving life and just trying to live it to the fullest. This one is fire and is one of the albums standout tracks to me. - 4.5/5

4) Jewels Draft (Interlude) - Dope instrumental interlude.

5) Icey Soul - Cutta Chase rips a sort of jazzy instrumental with an airy feel to it. As on the other songs so far, the production is dope and Cutta sounds great over it. Also like on the other songs, this shit is way too short and left me wanting more. It's not quite as strong as some of the other tracks, but it's still real nice. - 3.5/5

6) Globed House - The beat on this joint also has a kind of jazzy/smoky vibe going on, with some light horns and chimes layered over the boom-bap drums. As for the rhymes, the song begins and ends with Cutta singing about smoking weed with a verse about the same sandwiched in between. - 3/5

7) Neon - Daryl Donald delivers yet another dope beat on this cut, this time with some light pianos and more dreamy keys. I'm really digging both the rhymes and production on this project so far and this song is no exception. The only downside to this song (and a few of the others) is that they are just so short. Still, dope shit. - 4/5

8) Time Flies - This song finds Daryl putting his own unique spin on a very familiar sample that has been used in quite a few rap songs while Cutta Chase kicks some carefree rhymes about living his life and about how quickly it can pass you by. Dope song. - 4/5

9) Wraith Of Faith - Cutta Chase kicks some conscious rhymes over a hypnotic instrumental full of breezy strings and what sounds like a soft harp. I'm really feelin' the beat on this one and the rhymes are just as dope. Both of these guys are showing some amazing chemistry together as well. - 4.25/5

10) Medusa - The beat on this cut has also got my head nodding like crazy, with an atmospheric sample layered over dusty boom-bap drums. As far as the rhymes go, Cutta Chase comes through and rips it, as usual, while kicking some vivid and abstract rhymes. - 3.75/5

11) Aura - Daryl Donald delivers yet another laid-back, dreamy beat on this joint with Cutta Chase seeming to just flow effortlessly over it. The instrumental is another of the albums standouts for me and Cutta's intricate internal rhyme schemes sound perfect over it. I'm even diggin' the singing that starts and ends the track (which is a rarity for me). - 4.5/5

12) Undergrowth (Interlude) - Another dope instrumental interlude.

13) Keep It Soul - Cutta Chase "brings the love back" over another breezy instrumental centered around a chopped up vocal sample that has a sort of summery vibe to it. The beat is flames and Cutta sounds great over it. My only complaint is its way too short! - 4/5

14) Science - The final song on the project (excluding the outro) finds Cutta Chase dropping science over a real spacey instrumental. The beat has a infinite, spacious feel to it and compliments Cutta's futuristic and positive rhymes nicely. Another banger. - 4.5/5

15) Sun Goes Down (Outro) - Short outro with a Cutta Chase singing over an ill instrumental.

I'm going to rate the album

4 / 5

because it's really good. This album is my first exposure to both Cutta Chase and Daryl Donald and both of them really impressed me on here. The beats are fire throughout, with many having a breezy, laid-back feel that meshes well with Cutta's "space age" and spiritual rhymes. My only real complaint with the album is that mostly all of the songs are just way too short, with most clocking in at well under two minutes long. Just when I started really getting into the vibe of the track, it ended and moved on to the next song. Its a minor nitpick (especially when the songs are this dope), but I really would have loved to have heard the songs fleshed out even more. With that being said, the album is really dope and has got me wondering what else I should check out from each of their discographies. Stream/cop it below.


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