Killah Priest - P.W.O.W.R.: The Lost Tracks (Review)

"P.W.O.W.R.: The Lost Tracks" is the latest official EP from Brooklyn emcee and Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest. The EP was released as part of Priest's "The Psychic World of Walter Reed: Illuminated Lyrics" kickstarter project and has recently been made available to those who pledged certain amounts. The project is made up of lost tracks from Killah Priest's most recent album, "The Psychic World of Walter Reed".

1) Intro For The Ages - The first song on the EP starts and ends with an extended phoned-in skit while Killah Priest himself comes in and spits a quick single verse over a sort of militaristic instrumental. The beat is pretty dope, with subdued horns over stomping drums, and Priest rips it during his verse, rapping about his critics and how he is still the king at this rap shit even if he never drops "Heavy Mental 2". Not bad for an intro. - 3/5

2) Trap - Priest kicks some vivid street rhymes over a darker instrumental with some slightly ominous synths and lively drums. The beat is good enough and Priest's rhymes deftly paint a bleak picture in your mind, but I'm not really feelin' the chorus on here and it brings the track down a bit in my opinion. - 2.75/5

3) The Winged People (Alternate Version) - This cut is an alternate take on one of my favorite joints off of "P.W.O.W.R.", with Killah Priest spitting about his beliefs on how humans came to be over a banging instrumental. This version features some extra vocals and sound effects during Priest's verse as well as a few different rhymes towards the end, but the beat is the same. This shit is fire, but the different sound effects are not quite as good as the original. - 4.75/5

4) Writing The Equinox - And here we have another banger. Killah Priest spits some incredibly visual rhymes over a dreamy instrumental with no drums that is similar in style to his tracks "Heavy Mental", "The PWOWR (Problem Solver)" and a handful of others. Priest usually really brings it lyrically on these songs and this one is no exception. This one is fire. - 5/5

5) Proverbs - This song finds Killah Priest changing up his flow a bit over an upbeat piano-based instrumental. Despite being energetic, the beat has a sort of darker vibe to it and Priest flows over it in a way I haven't heard from him before. His delivery is more "sing-songy" than usual, but I'm feelin' the change and he drops a ton of knowledge on here. Dope track. - 3.75/5

6) Full Clip - The beat on this cut has a sort of funky, 70's vibe to it and I don't remember ever hearing KP rapping over something just like it. I believe the song is produced by Kalisto (who produced "Street Thesis" off of "P.W.O.W.R.") since Priest shouts him out a few times on here. Anyways, the beat is quite nice and Priest's rhymes are as sharp as ever. It's not the best track on the EP, but it sounds like Priest is just having fun on here. - 3.5/5

7) Psychic Lullaby (Outro) - The final song on the EP is actually the outro and features Killah Priest spitting a few rhymes in a slow, "spoken poetry" type flow over a dreamy piano instrumental. Since the song is an outro and there isn't much going on, I'm not going to give it a rating.

I'm going to rate the EP

3.75 / 5

because there are some really great songs on here. The EP is worth it simply for "Writing The Equinox" alone, with that track being the only new cut on here that I feel like would have fit in nicely on "P.W.O.W.R." ("The Winged People (Alternate Version)" not counting since its other version is actually on the album). I'm assuming Priest took "Writing The Equinox" off the album since it's too similar to "The PWOWR (Problem Solver)", but the shit is fire either way. Some of the other tracks are really nice as well, but I can see why they got cut off of an album as strong as "P.W.O.W.R." is since that project had plenty of heat. I'm not sure how you can get your hands on the EP currently (outside of those who pledged to the kickstarter project), but you might be able to find something up on KP's website in the future.


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