Cappo and Stealf - Unicron EP (Review)

Cappo and Stealf - Unicron EP (Review)

"Unicron" is a collaborative EP between Nottingham rapper Cappo and UK hip-hop producer Stealf. The project features no guest appearances and is fully produced by Stealf himself (except for the last track, which is a remix by Evil Ed). It was released on October 31, 2014 via De Facto Entertainment.

1) Bobba Fett - The first song on the EP begins with a quick Star Wars sample (featuring none other than the infamous Boba Fett himself) before Cappo comes in and starts rapping. The beat has a spacey vibe to it, with some twinkling synths and a boundless sample over dusty drums, and Cappo rips it as he spits some boastful rhymes about how ill he is on the mic while incorporating a ton of movie references into his bars. Nice. - 4/5

2) SM58 Live Rounds - Stealf comes through with another darker beat on this cut, with a cryptic piano loop, some violins/strings and gritty boom-bap drums. Lyrically the song is just as nice as the beat, with Cappo touching on a variety of topics and just generally spitting his ass off. Dope. - 4/5

3) Quantize - The beat on this joint is also pretty dark, with a bleak sample layered over off-kilter drums, but it's not quite as good as the others in my opinion. As far as the rhymes go, Cappo comes through and just rips the beat (as should be expected by now). It's not my favorite song on here, but it's not bad by any means. - 3.25/5

4) Raise The Bar - Now this is better. Cappo spits fire over what is probably the darkest beat on the EP so far. The instrumental is banging, with a creepy sample layered over stomping boom-bap drums, and Cappo bodies it while kicking some more braggadocios bars. I'm really feelin' the scratching at the end of the track as well. Very dope song. - 4.25/5

5) SM58 Live Rounds (FMJ Evil Ed Remix) - The final song on the EP is the only song on the project that is not produced by Stealf himself. Instead, the song finds legendary hip-hop producer Evil Ed remixing the EP's second track, "SM58 Live Rounds". While the vocals are the same as the original, but the beat is very different and provides a nice alternate take on the song. - 4/5

I'm going to rate the EP

4 / 5

because it's quite good. The production is all really dope, with Stealf (and Evil Ed) coming through with a handful of gritty, head-nodding instrumentals for Cappo to do this thing over. Stealf continues to impress me with his production skills and shows no sign of slowing down his steady output of 'golden era' inspired beats. Not to be overshadowed by the production is Cappo himself, who rips every track on here. While many of his rhymes are of the boastful sort, his lyrics are definitely sharp and his flow is on point, making for an enjoyable overall experience. All in all, the EP is really dope and is yet another solid release from De Facto Entertainment.


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