Cunninlynguists, The Grouch and Eligh - The WinterFire EP (Review)

Cunninlynguists, The Grouch and Eligh - The WinterFire EP (Review)

"The WinterFire EP" is a collaborative EP between hip-hop trio CunninLynguists (consisting of emcee/producers Deacon the Villain, Kno and Natti) and Living Legends rapper/producers The Grouch and Eligh. The EP features no guest appearances and is fully produced by Kno himself. It was released on November 18, 2014 over on Cunninlynguists bandcamp site.

1) Ignite (Intro) - Skit.

2) Fire In Her Eyes - The first song on the EP finds Deacon, Eligh and The Grouch rapping about love, passion and desire over a string-heavy instrumental that is classic Kno. The beat has a warm feel to it to go along with the "heat" and "fire" imagery in the verses and all three emcees bring it with their rhymes. Dope way to start off the EP. - 4/5

3) Only The Past - As dope as the beat on the previous track was, the production on this song is even better, with Kno providing another lush, string-based instrumental for Deacon, Eligh, The Grouch and Natti to do their thing over. The production is really vibrant and all four emcees rip it while rapping about trying to live in the moment instead of reflecting on the past. I'm really feelin' this track. - 4.25/5

4) 100 Years - This cut finds Eligh, Natti, The Grouch and Kno all centering their rhymes around the concept of what can happen in the span of 100 years over yet another crazy instrumental. The beat is a little more somber than the previous two, with a prominent violin (at least I think it's a violin) over stomping drums and other ambiance. The production is real nice and everyone sounds great over it, with Kno's verse especially standing out to me. - 4/5

5) Gas Station Attendant - So far the production on this EP has been simply crazy, with each beat sounding like a classic Kno instrumental but with a little something extra or different. I'm not sure how to put it exactly, but I'm definitely liking what I hear. As far as the rhymes go, they are just as strong, with Natti having my favorite verse on this track and Deacon killing it on the hook. Nice. - 4/5

6) Too Many Winters - Well now. I think this just be my favorite beat on the entire EP, with Kno providing a beautiful soundscape full of twinkling pianos and what sounds like crickets over sort of mellow drums. The beat has a real dreamy/wintery feel to it to go along with the songs title and Deacon, Eligh and the Grouch all rip it as they spit rhymes full of winter/cold references. This track also closes out the circle of the album, starting with "fire" and ending in "winter". Extremely dope way to close out the EP. - 4.25/5

7) Extinguish (Outro) - Skit.

I'm going to rate the EP

4 / 5

because it's really good. The production is stellar throughout the entire EP, which is something that should come as no surprise for those who are already familiar with Kno's other work. His beats are always lush and beautiful without ever feeling overproduced, a trend which he continues here. Lyrically the EP is very strong as well, with Deacon, Natti, The Grouch and Eligh all holding down the majority of the project while Kno only comes with a single verse. The rhymes all stick to the theme of the song and each emcee has their moment to shine. My only complaint about the project is that it's just too short and left me wanting more. I know its an EP and all, but the music is just so good that I can't help but feeling a little greedy. Overall, the EP is really dope and is one of my favorite releases of 2014. Peep it below.


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