June Marx - Veterans Day (Review)

June Marx - Veterans Day (Review)

"Veterans Day" is the latest release from Brooklyn rapper June Marx. The mini-EP features no guest appearances and is fully produced by June Marx himself. It was released on November 11, 2014 via Torchbearer Records, with all proceeds going towards the Wounded Warrior Program/Veterans Affairs (NY Branch).

1) Salvation - The first song on the EP finds June Marx spitting some militaristic rhymes full of Terminator references over a crazy self-produced instrumental. The beat has a sort of hostile vibe to it to go along with the verbal warfare spit by The Marxman. Very dope way to start off the project. - 4/5

2) Veterans Memorial - This cut finds June Marx paying homage to fallen soldiers over a mournful violin loop, what sounds like some soft synths and head nodding drums. The beat is just beautiful and June rips it, making this track one of the standout songs on the EP for me. Very dope. - 4.25/5

3) Bang Bang - The beat on this joint is centered around a chopped up vocal sample with some sweeping strings layered over the top, giving the beat a little bit of a cinematic feel once they kick in. As far as the rhymes go, The Marxman comes through and spits some boastful rhymes about how dope he is and such. I'm feelin' this song as well, but it's not quite as strong as the others in my opinion. - 3.5/5

4) Sniper - This song feels similar in tone to the first track, with June Marx spitting some combative rhymes over an instrumental that would have sounded right at home on a Killarmy record. The pianos and chopped up strings remind me a lot of something 4th Disciple would have produced and June sounds great over it. Very dope track. - 4.25/5

5) Mysterious Ways - The final song on the EP finds June Marx spitting fire over another of my favorite instrumentals on the entire project, with some spaced-out synths over hard-hitting drums. The beat is banging and The Marxman just bodies it while kicking some incredibly vivid braggadocios rhymes. I've always been a sucker for dreamy beats like this one. Anyways, great way to close out the project. - 4.25/5

I'm going to rate the EP

4 / 5

because it's really good. This is June Marx's second project of 2014, following up his stellar "Eve of Victory" LP that dropped back in June, and it picks up right where that album left off. Like some of his prior albums, the beats and rhymes on here are more militant than the ones on "Eve of Victory", which is mainly due to the theme of this mini-EP (you know, with it being released on Veterans Day and all). As usual for June Marx projects, the beats on here are really dope and the rhymes are just as strong. My only complaint about the project is that it's just too short, with all but the last track hovering around two and a half minutes mark. I know it's a mini-EP and all, but this shit just left me wanting more. Stream the album below and make sure to cop it if you like what you hear.


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