Twizzy - FarmFoodz (Review)

"FarmFoodz" is the debut solo album from The Three Headed Beast emcee Twizzy. The album features guest appearances from M.A.B., Jinxsxta JX, Genesis Elijah, Verb T and Farma G and is fully produced by Farma G himself. It was released on November 28, 2014 via De Facto Entertainment.

1) Fresh Cut - The first song on the album finds Twizzy spitting rapid-fire about his come up and about being "surrounded by the greats" over a darker instrumental full of ominous keys and distorted guitars. The beat and rhymes are full of energy and act as a nice introduction to the album. I like this. - 3.75/5

2) Here To Speak - This was the second single released in promotion of the album and it's pretty good. The production is full of frantic guitars over lively drums and Twizzy rides the beat nicely while just going off over the instrumental. Yeah, I'm diggin' this one as well. Dope shit. - 3.5/5

3) Set The Table (featuring M.A.B. and Jinxsxta JX) - The beat on this cut has a different feel than the others so far, with a some menacing synths over deep bass and stuttering snares. Lyrically the song is better than the instrumental, with Twizzy, M.A.B. and Jinxsxta JX all coming together to spit some braggadocios bars. Eh, I'm not really feelin' this one as much as the others. The rhymes are definitely good, but the beat is just kind of bland to me. - 3/5

4) Thinking Back - Ok now this is dope. Farma G switches out the synths for a beautiful piano and vocal loop that has a real reflective feel to it. The beat on this cut is easily one of my favorites on the album so far and Twizzy rips it while reminiscing about his past. This ones definitely a banger. - 4.25/5

5) Oh Well (featuring Farma G) - After the more serious "Thinking Back", Twizzy and Farma G come with a more playful sound on this song as Twizzy rhymes about the results of drinking too much. The subject matter of the song is pretty funny, but the synth-heavy beat just doesn't really do much for me. - 2.5/5

6) One More Chance - The beat on this cut once again swaps out the synths for a beautiful vocal and piano sample that is just as dope as the one on "Thinking Back". Lyrically the song is really nice as well and finds Twizzy kicking some more personal rhymes about his life. This is easily one of my favorite songs on the entire project. Dope shit. - 4.25/5

7) Feeling The Same (featuring Genesis Elijah and Verb T) - Twizzy and veteran emcees Genesis Elijah and Verb T spit some introspective rhymes over a sort of somber instrumental from Farma G. The beat and rhymes are dope, making this another one of the albums better tracks for me. - 3.75/5

8) Cold N Lonely (featuring Farma G) - This song finds Twizzy kicking some sex rhymes over another instrumental that jumps back to the synth-heavy sound of "Oh Well". I just can't get into the vibe of that track very much and find myself struggling with this one as well. It's not terrible, but it's just not clicking for me. - 2.5/5

9) All I See - Well this is better. Farma G comes through with a darker instrumental on this cut, centered around almost ominous keys and shuffling shaker percussion that has me nodding my head a bit. As far as the rhymes go, this song finds Twizzy spitting some venomous rhymes addressing the haters and back-stabbers while complimenting the more sinister tone of the production. Dope. - 3.5/5

10) Once A Dream (featuring M.A.B. and Jinxsta JX) - Three Headed Beast team up again, this time with much better results than the somewhat bland "Set The Table". The beat on this joint is quite ill, with a chopped up vocal sample over stomping boom-bap drums, and all three emcees rip it while rapping about broken dreams and how change can be a good thing. Very nice. - 4/5

11) Take Notice - Twizzy spits some socially conscious rhymes over what may be the darkest beat on the entire album so far, with a bleak sample layered over plodding boom-bap drums. The production is real dope though and the rhymes are just as good. Very nice. - 4/5

12) Better Things To Do - Farma G comes through with another dope instrumental on this cut, centered around a light piano sample with a vocal loop on the chorus. Lyrically the song is just as nice as the beat, with Twizzy flowly nicely over the production and kicking some more positive rhymes. The album is really hitting it's stride here near the end. - 4/5

13) Reaper (featuring Jinxsta JX) - This track finds Twizzy and Jinxsta JX going back-and-forth over another darker instrumental while spiting some boastful battle raps. I'm feelin' the foreboding feel of the production and both emcees sound great over it. It's not quite as good as the past few songs, but it's definitely up there. - 3.75/5

14) Burial Day - The final song on the album finds Twizzy kicking some introspective rhymes teeming with horror imagery over a grim beat full of strummed guitars, light synths and the sound of crows on the intro. The beat and rhymes are dope and help to close the album out on a darker note. Nice - 3.75/5

I'm going to rate the album

3.5 / 5

because there is some really good material on here, but there is a tiny bit of filler as well. Lyrically the album is very dope, with Twizzy ripping every beat and changing up topics on almost every song. There is a little bit of everything on here, from the more reflective rhymes of "Thinking Back" to the darker, braggadocios raps of "Reaper" and the more humorous tales of "Oh Well". Where the album stumbles a little bit is with the production. Granted, there are some simply stellar instrumentals on here (like those found on "One More Chance" and the previously mentioned "Thinking Back"), but there are also a few that rely too heavily on keyboards and synthesizers that just didn't hit me as hard as the others. Not that they are bad, by any means, it's just that they are just not my usual style and I had a hard time getting into them. Overall, however, the album is dope and turns out to be a really nice debut solo album from Twizzy. Pick it up below.


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