Coalmine Records - Remineded: A Collection of New and Old Remixes (Review)

Coalmine Records - Reminded: A Collection of New and Old Remixes (Review)

"Remineded: A Collection of New and Old Remixes" is the latest album from Brooklyn based hip-hop label Coalmine Records. The album is a remix compilation project that consists the labels favorite remixes (new and old) from artists such as Heltah Skeltah, El Da Sensei, Skyzoo, Blu and others and featuring production from Large Professor, Audible Doctor, Diamond D, Cookin' Soul and others. It was released on January 20, 2015 via Coalmine Records.

1) Heltah Skeltah (featuring DJ Revolution) - Midnight Madness (Audible Doctor Remix) - The first song on the album was taken from Heltah Skeltah and DJ Revolution's "The Midnight Madness Remix EP", with the original track actually being a part of Shuko's "The Foundation" project. The rhymes are classic Heltah Skeltah and the horn-based beat and scratching from DJ Revolution will have you nodding your head straight out of the gate. - 4/5

2) Skyzoo - Strung Out (Small Professor Remix) - This cut is from Skyzoo's "The Strung Out Remixes" project and finds the Brooklyn emcee kicking some boastful bars over a smooth Small Professor instrumental. I've always been a fan of this track, so it's nice to hear it on here. - 3.75/5

3) El Da Sensei (featuring MeLa Machinko) - 2 The Death (M-Phazes Remix) - This song was actually a bonus cut on El Da Sensei and The Returner's "GT2: Nu World" album and it was always one of my favorite songs on there. The piano based instrumental is fire, El's rhymes sound like he hasn't lost a step even after all these years and the chorus by MeLa Machinko is real soulful. - 4/5

4) Supernatural - Altitude (GMJ Remix) - Veteran emcee Supernatural does this thing over a breezy GMJ instrumental. I actually prefer the original version of this song, which was produced by Marco Polo, over this remix, but this is still pretty dope. - 3.25/5

5) Blu (featuring MeLa Machinko) - Kiss the Sky (Large Professor Remix) - This Large Professor remix of Blu's "Kiss the Sky" (originally produced by M-Phazes I believe) is absolute fire and is easily one of my favorite songs on the entire album. The beat bangs, Blu rips his verses and the scratching during the hook is really ill. This one is crazy. - 5/5

6) Royce da 5'9, Skillz and Diamond D - One for the Money (Mananz Remix) - The original version of this song was featured on Coalmine Record's "Unearthed" compilation, with this remix showing up as a bonus track on the Deluxe Version of that album. The beat on this remix is pretty dope, with a funky guitar, pianos and some light synths, and all three emcees sound nice enough over it. For me, however, it gets overshadowed by the incredible previous song. - 3/5

7) Big Noyd, Large Professor and Kool G Rap - Naturally Born (Cookin' Soul Remix) - This song is a reworking of Ayatollah's original version, with Cookin' Soul delivering a beat that is just as dope as the original in my opinion. The horns, chopped up vocals, subtle pianos and hard drums mesh nicely with the crazy rhymes from all three emcees. I really like this. - 4/5

8) Blu and Nottz (featuring Nitty Scott, MC) - Boyz II Men (Diamond D Remix) - Diamond D comes through with his take on Blu and Nottz' "Boyz II Men" track, which also appeared on Coalmine Record's "Unearthed" compilation as well as the duos "Gods In The Spirit" EP. I'm feeling the exotic feel of the beat on this remix and I've always thought Blu's wordplay on the original was real nice. - 3.75/5

9) Sean Price, Billy Danze and Maffew Ragazino - Land of the Crooks (Divided Souls Ent. and DJ Pain 1 Remix) - This cut is a remix of Sean Price and M-Phaze's track from their EP of the same name that dropped back in 2013. The title track was one of my favorite songs on the EP and this remix isn't quite as good in my opinion. I mean it's dope, but I was really feelin' the beat on the original. - 3/5

10) Guilty Simpson and Small Professor (featuring Elucid and Castle) - Go (Zilla Rocca Remix) - The final song on the album is Zilla Rocca's take on the track "Go" from Guilty Simpson and Small Professor's "Highway Robbery" album that dropped back in 2013. The original was dope, but I'm feelin' the dark vibe of this remix as well. - 4/5

I'm going to rate the album

3.75 / 5

because it's real nice. The album is basically a collection of remixes of songs from Coalmine Record's vast catalog, with some being older remixes that were featured on other projects and some remixes being new. Despite the wide span of years and of featured emcees/producers, the project still has a consistent feel due to the high quality level of the songs featured. The album had my head nodding the entire time, with a few of the remixes actually turning out better than the original songs for me. Even the remixes that I had heard prior to them being released on this compilation sounded fresh and it was nice to revisit a few of them that I had totally forgotten about. Overall, the album is real dope and is another nice entry into Coalmine Record's discography.


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