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A-V - Bite The Bullet (Mixtape)

Pittsburgh emcee A-V is back, this time with his full mixtape "Bite the Bullet."
"Taking hip-hop back to it's golden ages of story-telling, "Bite The Bullet" describes the view of today's society through the eyes of a young Pittsburgh MC, with government-taunting tracks like "Open Your 3yes" and deep story-telling songs such as "What Goes Around", "Bite The Bullet" paints a picture of the world we live in today - through the eyes of the MC."
You can stream all of the tracks below and then head on over to HotNewHipHop to download the full mixtape for free. Dope shit.

A-V - Pittsburgh City Bluez (Single)

A-V returns with the final single before the release of his project "Bite The Bullet." The song is called "Pittsburgh City Bluez" and features A-V sharing the mic with other Pittsburgh artists SpaceJam Jiff, Mike Neal, and Norman Dean. The song is ill and has a nice summer vibe to it.

If you like it, make sure you check out some of his other singles such as "What Goes Around" and "Open Your 3yes".

Follow the artists on Twitter:

A-V:  @A-V
SpaceJame Jiff: @SpaceJam Jiff
Mike Neal: @MrNealHimself
Norman Dean: @RealNormanDean

A-V - Open Your 3yes (Single)

A-V just released another banger, this time with a more political message.
"This song basically reflects the current situation we are facing with the very people that control us. Don't turn a blind eye to it, there's a lot hidden behind closed doors & I felt I needed to address the situation at hand."

If you like it, make sure you check out his anti-bullying song "What Goes Around", as well as follow A-V on Twitter.

A-V feat Josh Hoge - "What Goes Around" (Anti-Bullying Song)

This is a song that I think everyone should hear due to its positive anti-bullying message. Bullying happens every day and can result in many negative behaviors such as substance abuse, mental health issues and even suicide. The beat is dope and A-V spits a story about bullying and how it affects the victims mental state. Vocals provided by Nashville singer Josh Hoge.