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MKV and Adamatic - Letting Go (Single)

MKV and Adamatic - Letting Go (Essence of Hip-Hop)

Essenchill Records keeps coming with that fire and drops the latest single from Chicago born emcee MKV and DC/Baltimore hip-hop producer Adamatic. The song is called "Letting Go" and finds MKV rapping about moving on from the pain of the past over a jazzy Adamatic instrumental. I believe this track is the first offering from the duo since last years "Changes" album, which was really good and can be peeped here. No idea when their latest project is dropping, but this joint should hold us over nicely until then.

MKV and Adamatic - Changes

Chicago born emcee MKV (of Lucid Music) just released a collaboration album with producer Adamatic and its really dope. The album is called "Changes" and features MKV's "meaningful, personal, and uplifting lyrics" layered over Adamatic's "signature style of hip-hop production, which tends to be deep, melodic, and electronic influence." Peep the full album, as well as a video for the track "Joy & Pain", below.