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C.Shreve the Professor - Summer Ransom (Album)

North Carolina rapper C.Shreve The Professor just dropped his long awaited 10th full length release on August 14th and it's really dope. The album features production from ILe Flottante, Good Shepard, Handbook, Whokairs?, Soul Monk and others as well as guest verses from Woven Hatchets, Jrusalam, Trapbo' Chad and more. I gave the project a good listen today and was feelin' mostly every track on here, from the jazzy, soulful feel of "Blast Off" and "My Hemisphere" to the harder, grittier boom-bap vibe of "The Feast". Many of the instrumentals on the album have a summery feel and C.Shreve sounds great over them, effortlessly switching between boastful battle raps and some more introspective rhymes found on tracks like "The Professor". This one will be getting a lot of play from me this year. Don't sleep. Peep the full album below.

The Jazz Jousters - Connect The Dots (Instrumental Album)

Hip-hop production crew The Jazz Jousters are back, this time with their latest instrumental compilation called "Connect The Dots". The album experiments with the "sound of Jazz harp by Dorothy Ashby, the American Jazz and Soul Harpist and composer" and features instrumentals from RickMal, Diligent Fingers, Es-K, Gadget and many others. Very dope. Peep it below.

Stealf - Sling Me Down (Album)

Stealf - Sling Me Down (Essence of hip-hop)

UK hip-hop producer Stealf just dropped his latest instrumental EP earlier today via the De Facto Entertainment label and it's really dope. The EP is called "Sling Me Down" and consists of 8 instrumentals that had me nodding my head the whole time. A few of the cuts use familiar samples (such as "Carbonated Daze" chopping up the same track as Smif-N-Wessun's classic "Stand Strong"), but Stealf always manages to put his own unique spin on the sample to make it sound fresh. As far as inspiration for the project, Stealf says
“I’ve wanted to put out an instrumental project for a while now and after working on numerous other releases, I decided to put together a collection of beats that represent my contribution to the De Facto sound” 
Dope shit. Peep the full album, as well as a video for the title track, below. If you like what you hear, also make sure to check out the "Supply and Demand" album Stealf dropped as part of the group Raw Product (along with emcee Mista Flix) just a few months back.

C-Hawk and SamSullivanBeats - Only The Beginning (Album)

C-Hawk and SamSullivanBeats - Only The Beginning (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"Only The Beginning" is the debut album from 18 year old best friends C-Hawk and SamSullilvanBeats of ProU. I gave the project a good listen today and its real dope, showcasing both C-Hawk's great rhyming ability and energetic flow as well as the hard-hitting production style of SamSullivanBeats. Peep the full album below.

Es - Aspire to Inspire

Es - Aspire to Inspire (Essence of Hip-Hop)

Es is a hip-hop artist hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada who just released his sophomore album, "Aspire to Inspire", a few days back. The LP is really dope and is a great follow-up to his "Feud For Thought" album that dropped back in 2012. As on that project, the album features Es kicking rhymes full of positives messages over head nodding boom-bap instrumentals from Concept, NRJ, ICUE, Euphonic and others. Pretty much every track on here is a banger and has definitely got me looking forward to what else Es has in store for us in the future. Peep the full album below then head on over to Essenchill Records homepage for more of that dope shit.

Injury Reserve - "Cooler Colors"

Injury Reserve - "Cooler Colors" (Essence of Hip-Hop)

Hip-hop trio Injury Reserve (consisting of emcees Ritchie with a T and Stepa J Groggs along with producer Parker Corey) come through with their debut EP, "Cooler Colors." I gave the project a good listen today and it's really dope, with Ritchie with a T and Stepa J Groggs rapping about a variety of topics over a handful of relatively mellow instrumentals. Peep it below.

Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog EP

Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog EP (Essence of Hip-Hop)

So this is kind of interesting. There is an EP currently circulating around the internet by an artist named Your Old Droog that sound suspiciously like hip-hop legend Nas. No really. Listen for yourself. The EP features Your Old Droog rapping over some dope instrumentals by El RTNC, DJ Skizz and Droog himself, but its the vocals that are the real star of the show here. There is discussion on a few hip-hop forums (such as /r/hiphopheads over on Reddit as well as on TheColi) debating if this is actually Nas or not. My thoughts? If he isn't Nas, then he is really good at impersonating him. Post your thoughts below.

The Jazz Jousters - Digging Deep (Instrumental Album)

The Jazz Jousters - Digging Deep (Instrumental Album) (Real Hip-Hop)

The Jazz Jousters is a hip-hop production collective who came together and dropped an instrumental album, titled "Diggin Deep", just last month. The album is a tribute to the legendary pianist John Hicks (of the Jazz Messengers) and it's fire the whole way through, with the project featuring a variety of head nodding boom-bap instrumentals centered around the works of John Hicks. "Diggin Deep" features production from Oldy Clap Recordz, Es-K, B3NBi and many others. Peep it below.

Costin Thampikutty - Rough Draft

Costin Thampikutty - Rough Draft (Real Hip-Hop)

Costin Thampikutty is a hip-hop artist coming out of The Bronx who just dropped his mixtape, "Rough Draft", a few days back. The project is pretty ill and features Costin spitting some introspective rhymes over a variety of instrumentals. If you are interested you can check out more in-depth information about the project (mission, notes, lyrics, credits) on Costin's website.

Spok Beats - Lions9 (Instrumental Album)

Spok Beats - Lions9 (Instrumental Album) (Real Hip-Hop)

Spok Beats is a hip-hop producer coming out of Southern Cali who recently released his instrumental album, "Lions9", back on May 24th and it's real dope. The album features a variety of instrumentals, from gritty boom-bap bangers to more jazzy productions and everything in between. In fact, Spok Beats describes the project as an "album that ranges from hip hop to dub and a lot of live instruments." If you are looking for some ill hip-hop production with some experimental sounds thrown in, make sure you peep the album below.

JusTalu - In My Mind EP

JusTalu - In My Mind EP (Real Hip-Hop)

JusTalu is a hip-hop artist coming out of Germantown, MD that dropped a dope EP entitled "In My Mind" just a few days ago. The EP features guest appearances from Dtektt and El Ay as well as production from Dtektt, Kelly Portis, 3point and others. I gave it a good listen today and its real nice, with JusTalu spitting fire over a variety of head nodding instrumentals with a sort of modernized boom-bap feel. Peep it below.

Coops - Lost Soul

Coops - Lost Soul (Real Hip-Hop)

UK hip-hop artist Coops just dropped his heavily anticipated "Lost Souls" mixtape and it's definitely a banger. The project is 17 tracks of straight spittin' over gritty boom-bap instrumentals and features guest appearances from Black The Ripper, Benny Banks, Rexx, Sophie Faith and others. If you were feeling the videos for "Chillin" and "Blessings", then you are going to love this. Peep it below. Don't sleep!

Jason Anthony and C.O.N - That Work

Jason Anthony and C.O.N - That Work (Real Hip-hop)

Jason Anthony (formerly Jay Sinificance) comes through with his latest project, this time teaming up with his brother C.O.N. as both emcees spit over classic instrumentals from J Dilla, DJ Premier, Fredro Starr and others. The project is called "That Work" and it's real nice. Peep it below.

Dali Darko - The Romantic Egotist

Dali Darko - The Romantic Egotist (Real Hip-Hop)

Pittsburgh emcee Dali Darko is back again, this time with his debut mixtape "The Romantic Egotist." The project is ill and features the 21-year old emcee spitting rhymes over production from Art Vandelay, Starvmentz, Melodic, Tony Mahoney and others. Check it out below.

Daryl Donald - Kept

Daryl Donald - Kept (Real Hip-Hop)

Daryl Donald is a 21 year old hip-hop producer coming out of Edinburgh, Scotland who dropped his debut EP, "Kept", back on May 21st. The EP is full of "mellow, emotive hip-hop instrumentals" and it's real nice. "Kept" is available as a free download over on Daryl's Bandcamp site or via the link below, but also make sure to hit up his Soundcloud page if you like what you hear.

Defizit - Fresh Produce

Defizit - Fresh Produce (real hip-hop)

Defizit is a hip-hop producer coming out of Northern Cali who just dropped his debut album, "Fresh Produce", on May 20th and it's quite dope. The album features guest appearances from Opio (of Hieroglyphics / Souls of Mischief), Blame One, Moka Only, Otayo Dubb, Chuuwee and others with all production handled by Defizit himself. Peep it below.

Trag Tha God - Year One EP

Trag Tha God - Year One EP (real hip-hop)

Trag Tha God just released a five track EP, entitled "Year One EP", a few days back with the goal of  helping to hold his fans over until he can release his "Know Thy Name" project. The EP is ill and features the Connecticut based hip-hop artist spitting fire over instrumentals from Allen Mikal, Don Scott, Jordeaux and Steeven. Peep the EP, as well as the first single from "Know Thy Name", below.

Armond - Snooze Button III

Armond - Snooze Button III (Real Hip-Hop)

Ohio based hip-hop artist Armond comes through with his latest mixtape, "Snooze Button III", which features guest appearances from KamBINO, Selah the Corner, Taelor Gray and others. The mixtape is the first release of "Kairos Week", which celebrates the one year anniversary of when Armond dropped his album "Kairos." Peep the full tape below.

Skanks (of Bankai Fam) - The Shinigami Flowfessional

 Skanks (of Bankai Fam) - The Shinigami Flowfessional (Real Hip-Hop)

Skanks (5th Espada of the hip-hop collective Bankai Fam) just released his debut album, "The Shinigami Flowfessional", on Shinigamie Records yesterday and it's real dope. The project features guest appearances from Ruste Juxx, John Robinson, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bankai Fam and others, production from Kyo Itachi, Azaia, Venom and Astronote as well as scratches from Venom, DJ Modesty and DJ Fastcut. I gave the album a good listen through today and can honestly say the whole thing is banging. Don't sleep on this one folks. Peep the full album below.

SkyBlew x Backdraft - Journeys In 1st Person

SkyBlew x Backdraft - Journeys In 1st Person (Real Hip-Hop)

Chapel Hill, NC hip-hop artist SkyBlew returns, this time with his collaborative album with upcoming producer Backdraft. The project is called "Journeys In 1st Person" and is full of positive rhymes and breezy instrumentals. Very dope album. Peep the lyric video for the single "The Green Ballons" as well as the full album below.