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Apex Zero - Obtain Bearing (Video)

West London emcee Apex Zero just dropped a video for the final release from his ill "Reality Provoking Liberation" album that dropped last year in the form of the track "Obtain Bearing". The song finds Apex kicking some reflective rhymes about his inner struggles and about his drive to make a difference in the world over a mellow piano-based instrumental. By far the most laid back song on the project, it's also easily the most heartfelt. Peep the video below and make sure to read my full review of the album if you like what you hear.

Apex Zero - Transcendental Emcee

London's Apex Zero returns with a brand new joint called "Transcendental Emcee", which features Apex kicking some rhymes over a dark Frank Freeman instrumental. The song is just a loosie and is not featured on his latest album, "Reality Provoking Liberation", which was released back on October 28th and is one of the better albums of 2013. Very nice.

Apex Zero - Reality Provoking Liberation (Review)

Apex Zero - Reality Provoking Liberation

"Reality Provoking Liberation" is the debut solo album from West London emcee Apex Zero. The album features guest appearances from OMeza Omniscient, Hasan Salaam, Iron Braydz and others as well as production from OMeziah and DJ Fortune, but mostly all of the songs are self-produced by Apex Zero himself. It is set to be released on October 28, 2013.

Apex Zero - Chaotic Revolt (Video)

"Chaotic Revolt" is the latest video from West London emcee Apex Zero, who will be releasing his debut album "Reality Provoking Liberation" on 28th October. The video was released on August 6th, 2013, which marks the 2nd anniversary of the London riots. The full album will include features from Triple Darkness' newest member Iron Braydz, Amy True from Caxton Press, London's Invincible Armour and Hasan Salaam.