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Darnell Little - XX (Album)

Darnell Little - XX (Essence of hip-hop)

Darnell Little just dropped a new project, titled "XX", back on August 19th and it's really nice. The project finds the 20 year old emcee spitting over a variety of instrumentals, from the experimental sounds of Flying Lotus to more boom-bap orientated productions from Pete Rock and Madlib. The beats are really dope and Darnell sounds great over them, alternating between straight up braggadocios bars to more personal and reflective rhymes on a few tracks. Overall, I'm really feelin' the project and highly recommend it. Peep it below.

Darnell Little - LittleLotus (Darnell Little x Flying Lotus)

Darnell Little is back, this time with his latest mixtape, "LittleLotus", which is his take on Flying Lotus' "Cosmogramma" album. I've given "Cosmogramma" quite a bit of play since it first came out so it's really nice to hear these reworked versions of the songs. Dope shit. Check it out below.

Darnell Little - Crickets (Single)

Darnell Little (The Hero Formerly Known As Atom A.N.T.) is a 19 year old emcee and producer hailing from the East Coast who recently released the fourth single off his upcoming project "A.S.M.D. (A Sheltered Man's Diary)". The song is called "Crickets" and its dope.
"My music is described by my peers as being reminiscent to the "Golden Age and Experimental Hip Hop", full of conscious lyrics over Experimental Production"

Also make sure you check out his instrumental album, "The Darnell Little Tape", below for some laid-back boom bap instrumentals.