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Brian to Earth - BTE GOT CHOPS (EP)

California emcee/producer Brian to Earth recently dropped an EP back on February 4th, 2014 via Hey WTF Records and it's pretty ill. The EP is called "BTE GOT CHOPS" and is just a way for Brian to showcase his skills as both an emcee and producer, since all tracks on the project were written, produced, mixed and mastered by Brian himself (with the exception of the featured emcees, Dex Amora and Mos Poetik, who each wrote their own lyrics). Peep it below.

Peezy - LateNightJazz EP

Boston emcee Peezy returns with his latest EP, "LateNightJazz." As you can tell by the title, the production is Jazz influenced and provides a nice laid-back atmosphere for Peezy to spit over. Very dope. You can stream or download the EP for free below. Also make sure to check out the video for the track "Persevere" by Chin and Peezy that I posted up a few weeks back.

Droopy and Mosé - Palace EP

Droopy and Mosé are two artists hailing from Melbourne, Australia who recently dropped their collaborative micro-EP, "Palace", on their SoundCloud page. The EP features three tracks that blend Droopy's epic instrumentals with Mosé's smooth flows. The full album can be downloaded for free via the SoundCloud link below. Don't sleep on this. The EP is incredibly dope.

Twitter: @mosemusic

Cheez and Spinege - Archives (EP)

Cheez & Spinege is a group consisting of emccee/lyricist Sniper Cheez and producer DJ Spinege. Their debut EP, "Archives", was released on May 1, 2013 and its full of dope rhymes and banging beats.
"With Sniper Cheez living in Santa Cruz, California and DJ Spinege in Vancouver, Canada the project was able to come alive via the Internet. Though the two have never met before, they hope to one day be able to do so to continue more projects in the future."
Despite never meeting in person, you can tell these guys had a great time making the EP. Very nice.

Appeel - Home Improvement (EP) and Region of Appeel (Instrumental EP)

Appeel is a duo of producers out of Toronto who are a part of 85 Collective. They recently released their second EP, "Home Improvement", which remixes songs from many popular Toronto artists.
"This release pays homage to the artists who have laid the groundwork for Toronto hip-hop/r&b to flourish among the top recording artists across the globe. Along with paying homage, Appeel added their own flavour to these amazing songs with original production throughout the entire EP, while showcasing the improvement in the quality and capabilities of Toronto's homegrown talent. Toronto is a force to be reckoned with and Appeel will definitely be a major contributor to the soundtrack of the city."
Check it out below.

If you are looking for all original material, look no further than the "Region of Appeel" EP, which was the duo's first EP and was released back in November of 2012.
"Region of Appeel has a diverse selection of instrumentals that captures the sound and feel of the awakening of Toronto hip-hop/r&b, and also introduces the masses to Appeel‘s unique style."
The instrumentals are smooth and are sure to get your head nodding. Very, very dope.

Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates - @Jaelawny / @FreshManKeys / @85Collective.

Paper Plates - Degenerate Art EP (prod. by Juna Cosmos)

Degenerate Art is the debut EP from up-and-coming UK rapper Paper Plates. The EP is produced entirely by his friend and collaborator Juna Cosmos.
"The concept comes from the persecution of modern artists under the Nazi regime," explains Juna. "Throughout the EP we've aimed to take this idea and comment on the current state of music/art with a post-modern approach to song-writing and overall composition. For example Kim Kardashian is referenced alongside the works of Dante, drawing on a wide and disparate range of influences to create something original and different. The project itself is, so to speak, a work of modern art."
The beats are psychedelic and dark, which perfectly complements the dope flow and lyrical prowess of Paper Plates. This EP is incredibly ill. Check out the video for Gutter Mouth and then listen to the full EP below. Also make sure to follow Paper Plates and Juna Cosmos on Twitter for the latest updates. Don't sleep on this!

Terry Williams - Broke As F*ck (EP)

Terry Williams is an emcee coming out of Texas who dropped his free EP, "Broke As F*ck", back in February, 2013.
"Broke As F*ck is a documentary. It holds tales of love, greed, hate... and hope. It's my life... and my first project. Close to my heart. My plan was not only to tell my story... but yours. All I ask is that after listening, you pass it on"
The EP is banging and features Terry spitting heartfelt rhymes over dope, soulful instrumentals. Check it out below.

If you like what you hear, make sure you follow him on Twitter.

CONFZ - Conscience (EP)

CONFZ is an up-and-coming rapper hailing from East London who dropped his dope "Morals Over Everything" mixtape in late 2012. His free debut solo EP, "Conscience", is available now and can be streamed or downloaded via the link below. The EP is full of deep, conscious lyrics over dark instrumentals. Check it.