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Ed Rowe x Sleep Sinatra x Concept - Concentrated Forces (Album)

Ed Rowe x Sleep Sinatra x Concept - Concentrated Forces (Album)

"Concentrated Forces" is a collaborative EP between Atlanta word-smith Ed Rowe, Nebraska rapper Sleep Sinatra and New Zealand based hip-hop producer Concept that dropped back on December 20, 2014 via Essenchill Records. I gave the project a good listen earlier today and it's really nice, with both Ed Rowe and Sleep Sinatra touching on a variety of topics over beautiful, boom-bap inspired production from Concept. The beats are soulful and the rhymes are potent, with some tracks featuring socially conscious rhymes while others find Ed Rowe and Sleep Sinatra just straight spitting. The only bad thing about the EP is that it's just so short, featuring only five full tracks and a quick instrumental outro from Concept that just left me wanting more. Hopefully these guys collaborate more in the future since I think I've had "Celestial" on repeat all day. Anyways, count this as yet another strong release from Essenchill Records. Peep it below.

Concentrated Forces (Ed Rowe x Sleep Sinatra x Concept) - Earth Cry (Single)

Concentrated Forces (Ed Rowe x Sleep Sinatra x Concept) - Earth Cry (Single)

"Earth Cry" is the lead single from the upcoming group effort between Atlanta emcee Ed Rowe, Nebraska rapper Sleep Sinatra and New Zealand based hip-hop producer Concept. The song is real nice and finds Ed Rowe and Sleep Sinatra rhyming about "black consciousness and survival in the urban mindset" over a head nodding Concept instrumental. "Earth Cry" will be released on the trios "Concentrated Forces" EP, which is set to drop in November of 2014.

Ed Rowe - Change (Single)

Ed Rowe - Change (Single)

Atlanta rapper Ed Rowe and Ukrainian hip-hop producer KVH just released the lead single from their upcoming EP "Reflective Melody" in the form of the track "Change". The song finds Ed Rowe speaking "for and from the souls of those fed up with police brutality, economic inequality, mass incarceration, and political corruption as a whole" over a somber KVH instrumental. Peep the track below and then hit up Ed Rowe's SoundCloud page to download the song for free if you are feelin' it. "Reflective Melody" is set to drop on September 5, 2014.

KVH - For The Soul I Was Craving (ft Ed Rowe)

Kyiv, Ukraine hip-hop producer KVH just dropped off a new track from his upcoming collaboration album with Ed Rowe, which is currently set for a fourth quarter 2014 release. The song is called "For The Soul I Was Craving" and its fire. Also included is an instrumental track, titled "Briefly Encounter Soul", which features a soulful sample layered over head nodding boom-bap drums.

While hip-hop is KVH's main focus at the moment, he is a jazzer at heart who derives much inspiration from the greats of that genre. His influences in hip-hop include the likes of 9th Wonder, Dilla, Exile, Dj Premier, and Madlib. KVH has a deep passion for genuine Hip-Hop, and looks to work with MCs with the same love and respect for the art form." If you feel his sound and are interested in working with him you can contact him via email:

Ed Rowe - On Clouds 9

Ed Rowe released his latest project, "On Clouds 9", a few days ago and its really good. The album features the Atlanta based emcee spitting rhymes over nine of his favorite instrumentals from Apollo Brown's incredibly dope "Clouds" instrumental album. Very nice. Peep it below.

Ed Rowe and Concept - What's Goin On

Ed Rowe and Concept just dropped some visuals to go along with the track "What's Goin On", which is a select cut from their "Essenchill" album that was released back in August of 2013. The song features the Atlanta based Ed Rowe rapping about the ills of the world today over a smooth Concept instrumental. Check out the video above and then make sure to peep the full album below if you like what you hear.

Ed Rowe and Concept - Essenchill (Album)

Ed Rowe and Concept have just released their collaborative hip-hop album "Essenchill." The album is a relaxed/soulful boom-bap project containing 17 tracks and is currently available digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes with CD distribution via coming in the near future.
"Emerging from the haze of polluted sound waves comes a breath of fresh air: 'Essenchill'. Amidst a chilled collective of soulful, jazzy, boom-bap rhythms, flows vitally poignant lyricism, embodying perspectives on meditation, family, and overcoming life's obstacles. Essenchill will engage listeners of all ages and backgrounds, while still appealing to true hip-hop heads."
This shit is very dope. You can stream or purchase the full album via the Bandcamp link below or head on over to iTunes and pick it up there. Expect my full review in the near future.

Ed Rowe and Concept - Essenchill

Ed Rowe and Caption - Essenchill

"Essenchill" is a collaborative effort between hip-hop producer Concept and emcee Ed Rowe, who is from Brooklyn but is currently based in Atlanta. The album is a relaxed/soulful boom bap project containing 14 tracks that is scheduled to be released on August 3rd via Bandcamp and with CD distribution via shortly after.
"The essence here was to create a laid back soulful/jazzy hip-hop project that could be approachable by any audience - yet not seem watered down by underground standards."
For now you can listen to the title track, "Essenchill", which can be streamed or downloaded for free below. Definitely give this a listen if you are on the lookout for dope new hip-hop music.