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G-Side - Gz II Godz (Album Review)

G-Side - Gz II Godz (Album Review) (Real Hip-Hop)

"Gz II Godz" is the latest album from Huntsville, AL hip-hop duo G-Side. The album features guest appearances from Mic Strange, Joi Tiffany, Kristmas and others and is produced entirely by The BlockBeattaz (with co-production on a few tracks from StackTrace and Blaque). It was released digitally on May 15, 2014 via the groups website at

G-Side - 4Ever (Single)

Now this is great news. One of my favorite hip-hop duos, G-Side (comprised of emcees Clova and S.T. 2 Lettaz), reunite with their first single since their 2011 album "iSLAND." The group broke up shortly after that album was released as both emcees pursued solo careers, with S.T. dropping one of my favorite albums of 2013 with "The G... Growth And Development". Since then all has been pretty quite ... until now. The first single is called "4Ever" and features both emcees ripping what sounds like a BlockBeattaz instrumental. Their new album, "Gz to Godz", is slated to be released in early 2014.

S.T. 2 Lettaz - Prelude...To The G (Review)

ST 2 Lettaz is about to drop his first solo album "The G... The Growth and Development" on March 5th. He dropped this free mixtape, "Prelude... To The G" a few weeks back to build some extra hype for the full album release. As far as I know, all of the tracks on here were meant to be on the album, but were cut for various reasons. Click to check out my review.

S.T 2 Lettaz - Trillmatic Video

If you have never heard of G-Side or S.T. 2 Lettaz, now is a good time to start catching up. G-Side was a duo out of Huntsville, AL consisting of emcees S.T. and Clova. Most of their beats are courtesy of the Block Beattaz and are usually very cinematic while retaining that down south influence. Sadly, G-Side parted ways a few months back and have begun to pursue their own solo endeavors.

Here is the first single from S.T. 2 Lettaz solo album, "The G...Growth & Development," entitled "Trillmatic." The song starts out with a nice hip-hop inspired instrumental, and then adds in some more southern elements towards the end. Great song.


The full album is due out on 3/15/13 and will probably be available via S.T.'s bandcamp page.