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Kyle Bent - Can't Be Right

Randolph, MA based hip-hop artist Kyle Bent is back, this time with some visuals for his track "Can't Be Right." The song is dope and features Kyle spitting some ill bars over a soulful Jay.El instrumental.
"According to the young emcee, this video is supposed to represent the contrast of religions and how they actively divide humanity, thus in the video Kyle Bent is split between Buddhism and Christianity - two significant world religions."

Kyle Bent - Mind Control (Video)

Kyle Bent is a 16-year-old emcee hailing from Randolph, MA who is known for always including a positive message in his songs. He recently released a video for the track "Mind Control" off of his 2012 mixtape "New Aquarian Age." The video is dope and provides a nice visual to complement the conspiracy theory and conscious lyrics of the song. The full mixtape is available as a free download via the DatPiff link below.