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Synik and Rod McCoy - Price of Success (Single)

Synik and Rod McCoy - Price of Success (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"Price of Success" is the latest track from Mississippi emcee Synik and Alabama native Rod McCoy. The song is a cut off of the duos upcoming album "Selah" and finds the Audible Hustle Entertainment emcees contemplating the price of fame (as well as touching on other topics) over a smooth instrumental from 12AM's ManHe. "Selah" is set to drop on September 5, 2014 via the Audible Hustle Entertainment label.

Rod McCoy – Bittersweet

Military veteran and emcee Rod McCoy comes through with his latest track, "Bittersweet", which features Rod spitting some meaningful lyrics over a head-nodding J1K instrumental. The beat is ill and Rod McCoy rips it, spitting vivid lyrics in a smooth flow.
"The song is a narrative story of a woman who fell in love with the man of her dreams, better yet, a shell of who this man really was. After reaching the highest point of their relationship, on the daily she was brought down to the lowest. The man that was once her everything, had now become only the father of her son and her constant nightmare. When hustling defines your income there's always a risk of demise. Bullets have no name and the streets have no referees. For one reason or another, this woman's boyfriend had his life taken and her conscious was left in a constant battle of emotions. Bittersweet was the thought of her son's father losing his life; in one hand, the only man she has known is now gone - in the other, so is her dictator and abuser. Constantly she questions how she "should" feel but who's to provide the answer?"