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Slum Pritt - Awake For The Nightmare (Album)

Greensboro, NC emcee Slum Pritt returns, this time with his latest album, "Awake For The Nightmare." The album features production from Chief Sun Eye (1/2 of Tru Chemistree), HP tha Hybrid, Joe Burn Em, Shade Cobain and re:source.
"The album title has a few meanings: 1) the rap game is about to be awake to this nightmare, the nightmare being me  2) The type of person i am, young, black, militant with my head on straight, is a nightmare to Amerikkka, 3) Society is a nightmare itself, with all the senseless killings and disgusting stories you hear everyday, and we all are awake for it."
Peep it below.

Slum Pritt - Morningside Massacre

Greensboro, NC emcee Slum Pritt is back, this time with the fourth single from his upcoming "Awake For The Nightmare" project, which will be dropping next month. The song is called "Morningside Massacre" and features Slum Pritt spitting verses inspired by real life events over an HP tha Hybrid instrumental.
"Almost 34 years to this day (November 3, 1979) Ku Klux Klansmen killed five protest marchers in the neighborhood where i was born and raised (Morningside Homes) The "Death to the Klan March" and protest was the culmination of attempts by the Communist Workers' Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area. I wasn't born yet but this hit home so hard that I was propelled to scribe this record."

Slum Pritt - Makebeleevas

Greensboro, NC emcee Slum Pritt returns with the third single from his upcoming project "Awake for the Nightmare", which will be dropping in October. The song is titled "Makebeleevas" and is produced by longtime collaborator Joe Burn' Em.
"This here is a slap in the face to all those faking the funk out there. I peg the question to them "Do you believe ya own lies?" I think some of the worst folks in the world are those who lie to make themselves look good. So i attacked the topic lyrically."
Dope shit. Check it out below.

SunEye Divine feat. Slum Pritt - Diggin The Scene

SunEye Divine, one half of the Greensboro, North Carolina duo Tru Chemistree (the other half being emcee Slum Pritt), just dropped a new song called "Diggin The Scene". The track is from his upcoming "Chemistree Class" EP and is produced by Joe Burn Em from Virginia.
"Its really about enjoying ourselves. Digging the scene and searching for a good time. Taking a ride through the city of Greensboro with only good intentions in mind. Its just a feel good summertime groove."
Dope. Check it out below.

Twitter: @ChiefSunEye
Twitter: @SlumPritt

Slum Pritt - Humble Beginnings Extravagant Endings (Single)

Slum Pritt is an emcee representing Greensboro, NC and his team Tru Chemistree who is trying to re-instill that realistic feeling in the song at a time. He recently released the second single from his upcoming LP "Awake For The Nightmare", which is coming later this summer. The song is called "Humble Beginnings Extravagant Endings" and is produced by Shade Cobain from Pittsburgh, PA.
"This song represents for anyone coming straight from the gutter striving to reach your ultimate goal in life. This is very nostalgic track as i explain different instances in my youth and upbringing."
Very dope.

Twitter: @SlumPritt