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Tru Lyrikks - Self Expression (Video)

Scarborough ON, Canada emcee and conscious lyricist Tru Lyrikks returns with a new music video for his song "Self Expression." The song is produced by Simon Dziapko aka Flawless Klang and the video was filmed/directed/edited by Jamyle Burchell aka Blackgod.
"The visuals are full of nature and give you a calm feel while vibing to the lyrics. I'm truly passionate about hip hop, it runs through my veins and I don't settle for anything but intellectual content."
Very dope. Also make sure you check out Tru Lyrikk's Hors Doeuvres EP, which came out earlier this year.

Twitter: @TruLyrikks, @BLACKGODSWAG

Tru Lyrikks - Hors D'Oeuvres EP

Tru Lyrikks is a 19 year old conscious emcee hailing from Toronto, Canada who just released a video for the song "Freeverse" off of his free "Hors D'Oeuvres EP". Both the video and the EP are very dope and Tru Lyrikks can really spit. If you like your hip-hop to have that "Golden Era" feel, then I strongly encourage you to check out his work. I also want to give props to Jamyle Burchell, who filmed, edited and directed the video, as well as Juvenile Techniques who produced the track.

Tru Lyrikks Twitter: @TruLyrikks

Jamyle Burchell Twitter: @BLACKGODSWAG