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U Call That Love - Sounds Across the Globe (Album)

"Sounds Across the Globe" is the first free compilation album from U Call That Love. I gave the album a good listen today and it's dope as hell, featuring appearances from The Audible Doctor, King I Divine, Moods, Concept, Parallel Thought, P.R, maticulous, Pawcut and many others. Check out the tracklisting, as well as the full album, below. Don't sleep on this shit.

1. The Boomjacks - Pilvet
2. Nix - Encore feat. Percee P
3. Customary - Still Yours
4. Pawcut - Walk on by
5. Souls Rest - Small Triumph
6. Maverick - The Rise and the Fall
7. Concept - With You
8. The Audible Doctor - Get 'Em feat. Guilty Simpson
9. maticulous - Wind feat. Black Sun & Hubbs
10. King I Divine - SSS (Scattered Sun Showers)
11. Moods - Mr. Clean
12. Pseudo Slang - Till It Ends (prod. Rawhead)
13. Exact Change Project - Keep It Jazzy
14. P.R - Next Destination
15. Piece Of Mind - Rhyme Training feat. Abdominal (Remix)
16. Arcka - Just Another Day
17. Kool Keith  - Stuck In The Past (prod. Keith Science)
18. olywok - Don't Matter
19. Parallel Thought - Mad iLL
20. DJ Czarny & Tas - Too Close
21. Praverb the Wyse - The Social Network feat. DJ Grazzhoppa
22. foka - Knew You Was Fake
23. Jaze Baqti - Escape