ST 2 Lettaz - The G... Growth And Development Review

I started listening to G-Side back in 2007 or so when I first began seeing their songs posted on various hip-hop forums. Consisting of emcee's ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova, the group brought gritty, street smart rhymes coupled with banging cinematic beats, mostly provided by the Block Beattaz. Five really great albums later, the group broke up with ST and Clova going their own separate ways. "The G... Growth and Development" is the first solo album from ST 2 Lettaz and was released on March 5th, 2013. Click to read the full review.

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre (Disc 2) Review

This is a review of Disc 2 of the new Cappadonna double album, entitled "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", which was released on February 26th, 2013. In my review of Disc 1 of "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", I mention that the beats were pretty good, but Cappadonna was inconsistent lyrically and with his flow. Due to this, the overall product turned out kind of bland. Lets hope Disc 2 turns out a bit better. Click below to find out if it did.

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre (Disc 1) Review

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre

This is a review of the new Cappadonna double album entitled "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", which was released on February 26th, 2013. Since this is a double album, I'm going to break the review up into two parts. You can read the review for Disc 2 here. All songs on Disc 1 are produced by J. Glaze, except for "Back To School", which is produced by Whaul. Click here to read the full review.

Durag Dynasty - 360 Waves (Tracklisting and Single)

Durag Dynasty is a supergroup consisting of emcee's Planet Asia, Killer Ben and Tristate with Alchemist on production. Their debut album, "360 Waves", will be released on March 26, 2013 via Nature Sounds. Check out the tracklisting as well as the first single "Spiral Event (ft. Evidence)", below.

1. The Next One (Intro)
2. Durag Dynasty Theme
3. Tender Greens
4. Fish Meat (feat. Prodigy)
5. 360 Waves
6. Trailer Mix (feat. Phil The Agony)
7. Spiral Event (feat. Evidence)
8. Yasir Arafat Prelude
9. Yasir Arafat
10. Tetrahydrons on Mars (feat. Chace Infinite)
11. Goon Call (feat. Iman Thug)
12. Bigger U Are The Harder You Fall  (feat. Big Twinz & Alchemist)
13. Shooters
14. Luxury Whip
15. Funyons

You can pre-order the album now over at the Nature Sounds website.

S.T. 2 Lettaz - Prelude...To The G (Review)

ST 2 Lettaz is about to drop his first solo album "The G... The Growth and Development" on March 5th. He dropped this free mixtape, "Prelude... To The G" a few weeks back to build some extra hype for the full album release. As far as I know, all of the tracks on here were meant to be on the album, but were cut for various reasons. Click to check out my review.

Tonedeff - Glutton EP (Review)

Tonedeff - Glutton EP

Glutton is the first EP from Tonedeff's second album - Polymer. The album consists of 4 EPs that, when combined, will form the final album. Glutton was released on February 26, 2013 and features production from NumberNin6, Chew Fu and Tonedeff himself. Click to read the full review.